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Carpet Advice 

What should I look for when buying a carpet? 

Look for a twist in each individual yarn. Several qualities give performance, including the density of the carpet and the amount of twist, or crimp. Do not confuse the density with the height of the pile because pile height has nothing to do with performance. Generally, the more twist in the carpet yarns, the greater the spring, which hides footprints more easily. 
However, there is a tradeoff. Colors are more vibrant in carpets that don't have that crimped texture. Look also at stain protection, soil protection, and static resistance. Most homeowners clean their carpets about once a year, so in the interim, you want the carpet to perform as well as possible in these three areas. 

At Carpet Express, we pride ourselves on offering you good quality and value for your money. We keep you right in ensuring you choose the right type of carpet. Remember that with carpet, as with many other things in life, you usually get what you pay for.

Kitchen Flooring 

Points to keep in mind 

Kitchens tend to be high-traffic areas and often attract dirt from outside. Make sure the floor is easy to clean, because kitchens are known for spills. For safety purposes, non-slip flooring is essential. 
Recommended Flooring 

Vinyl is a good choice for kitchen floors. In the event of a dropped glass or dish, a resilient floor like vinyl has more bounce and may prevent breakage. Remember, a deeply textured pattern may be harder to clean. 

Tile, laminate, and wood are great kitchen floor alternatives. Rugs and mats can soften a harder material such as tiles. When you are planning your flooring, give some thought to function as well as fashion.
Living and Dining Room
Points to keep in mind 

The living room is generally accepted as the focal point in most homes and therefore the centerpiece of home furnishings. It’s mainly used as family room. It's important to choose flooring to match the room’s function and décor. 

Carpet offers fibers and styles that accommodate informal or formal use. Hardwood also provides an attractive, durable option, especially with the addition of area rugs.

Dining Room 

Wear-resistant flooring is a must if the floor is used regularly at mealtimes. In any area prone to food spills, we suggest stain-resistant floors. Carpet is certainly an option, but light colors tend to show stains more, so be careful when choosing a color.
Hall and Stairway 
Points to keep in mind 

The hall is usually the first part of your home that your visitor sees, so use this area to make a bold statement. Remember the hall usually attracts a steady flow of traffic, which can bring in dirt and moisture. Stains are also more visible. You want to look for a sturdy material and make sure it coordinates with the rest of your flooring.

Make sure you consider a good-quality hard wearing carpet. Also, create a dramatic effect with the use of wooden flooring. Laminate flooring is also a good alternative, especially if you’re adding non-slip decorative rug.
Bedroom Flooring 
Points to keep in mind 

In the bedroom, the floors are usually overshadowed by the bed and coordinating fabrics. Stains and wear should be minimal because traffic is less of a problem here than in other rooms. 

Our advice is to consider a neutral flooring that adapts to frequent décor changes. Too many bright colors can be overpowering. Most people choose from our excellent range of carpets although wood or laminate floors are good alternatives, especially if you add a decorative rug.
Bathroom Flooring 
Points to keep in mind 

In a bathroom, waterproof flooring is a must in case of any overflow from the sink, etc. For ease of cleaning, washable flooring is important. Non-slip flooring is necessary for safety purposes. 

Consider vinyl, as this has traditionally been popular and there is a wide variety available including wood effect. Ceramic tiles are also gaining rapidly in popularity. Some versions of laminate and wood products can be adapted to bathrooms even with excessive moisture, but do seek advice before buying.
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